Succubus Sisters

Succubus Sisters cover art
Succubus Sisters cover art

Succubus Sisters is a 2d Action Beat’em up-Metroidvania hybrid game set in a lighthearted high fantasy world, with a focus on combat instead of platforming.

This project started as a tool for learning more about programming and traditional animation, and for creating material for a portfolio. As I had so much fun working on this project, I decided to turn it up a notch and make it a real game! This website will feature a variety of content from concept art to gameplay, following the development journey of Succubus Sisters. The Project Started in January 2016, and I have been working on it since.


Puna and Sini are two demons slacking on guard duty, when a party of six heroes invade their home dungeon completely unnoticed! Now surrounded by furious former allies, the sisters have to fight their way through the dungeon and slay every hero, or the Master will have their heads…


Puna The Succubus

Puna is a true-hearted demon: wild, rash and with a heart filled with a desire for violence. wherever she decides to go, mayhem and madness follows… and behind her, she only leaves a trail of ashes and crushed enemies. Cheeky, snarky and full of bad jokes, she loves screwing up her sisters plans and dishing out extra-wide grins, to show everyone who gets the last laugh. However, overconfidence in her abilities and a total disregard for subtlety tends to leave her in spots where the trouble catches up to her…

  • Agile melee fighter, cuts enemies up close and personal.
  • Burn your enemies with your fireballs and flaming kicks! Set up flames that deal AoE damage.
  • Warp around to dodge enemies, you can cancel almost every attack into a warp. Master the warp and become unstoppable!
  • Build up combo rune with light & medium attacks, and use it to fuel a powerful super attack.
  • Speed bonus: keep your momentum up to deal extra damage!

Sini The Succubus

Kind, calm, sweet and ever so graceful… how could Sini possibly be evil? Of course, behind the layers of lies and courtesy is a demon filled only with hatred and a desire for total destruction. Patient and Intelligent, her studies have granted vast knowledge for fooling her enemies, and terrible arcane power to obliterate them. Always on search for new information and hidden secrets, she prefers a careful approach when dealing with humans. Of course, this is impossible when Puna is around, but she’s not going to turn down a good challenge.

(I will start working on Sini after the game is playable from the start to the end with Puna. Planned features:)

  • Ranged spell caster, destroy your enemies with devastating arcane magic!
  • Charge up your attacks for more powerful spells.
  • Avoid enemies with your far reaching (but slow) teleport.
  • Manipulate spells with other spells for damage multipliers/special effects/explosions!


Main Features

  • 1-2 hour action-packed game length for a single playthrough.
  • Six stages, 12-18 enemies, and 6+ bossfights!
  • two playable characters with distinct play styles.

Other Planned Extra features

These features will be looked on after the game is complete from start to finish, and might not be included in the final product.

  • Challenge mode – single encounters with cruel enemy combinations or wild special modifiers.
  • Arcade mode – play through the game without any cutscenes or other story elements! When you want to play the game and you already know the story, or maybe you just want to go fast.
  • Survival mode – fight waves of random enemies in a single arena, how long can you last?
  • Secret characters, stages? :O
  • Collectible monster souls as weapons and perk powerups!
  • Collectible extra content: artwork, bonus cutscenes, etc.